Two puppet exhibition within the 10th festival MINI SUMMER 2008

»In the beginning was the Word…«
Project “Trubar” at the 500th anniversary of his birth

Exhibition of puppets from the Gospel Parables
from the New Testament

Chapel at the Ljubljana Castle,
from June 29th till August 31th, 2008

Exhibition is open everyday from 9am till 9pm
Admission free

Primož Trubar transplanted the New Testament into Slovene. 

At the 500th centenary of his birth, the students from the Pedagogic Faculty Ljubljana, Departments of Visual Pedagogic and Pre-School Education, prepared a puppet project lead by personified symbols of the four gospels: the angel, the lion, the ox and the eagle. Seven gospel tales will be presented: about the lost drachma, about the lost sheep, about the lost son, about the wise and unwise virgins, about the workers in the vineyard, about the merciful Samarian, about Salome, and finally about the benefits and the seals of the Apocalypse.  A modern visual design creates a distance emphasizing the actuality of Trubar's work for our present time.
The students have created the puppets following their own sketches as marionettes on a wire, as puppets on a stick, and as shadow puppets. The mentor of the Project is Uni. Professor Edi Majaron.

The exhibition, within the frame of the 10th International Festival for Children – MINI SUMMER 2008 were made by Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana, with support of Mini teater Ljubljana and Festival Ljubljana


Exhibition at the 50th anniversary of death of Milan Klemenčič,
the nestor of the Slovene puppet theatre

LJUBLJANA CASTLE, hall Mini teater
from June 29th till August 31st, 2008

Exhibition is open every Friday and Saturday from 3pm till 8pm, and every Sunday from 9am till 1pm and 3pm till 8pm. Admission free!

 Milan Klemenčič was a painter, a set designer and one of the pioneers of the Slovene coloured  phoptography, yet above all he was the father of the Slovene puppet theatre. On December 22, 1910, he presented the first Slovene Puppet performance opening night – a play borrowed from Riccardini's repertory: The Dead Man in a Red Coat. The period of the artist's mature creativity reached its peak in 1938 with the performance Dr. Faustus. The 'live' part of his exceptionally precious inheritance is now treasured at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. They organised a steady museum collection where this precious cultural inheritance is constantly open to visitors and new admirers.

Matjaž Loboda made the exhibition, within the frame of the 10th International Festival for Children –
MINI SUMMER 2008, with support of Puppet Theatre Ljubljana and Mini teater.