Opening night of The Golden Ship

Opening night of The Golden Ship at MINI TEATER

The eminent Slovenian poetry for children written by Kajetan Kovič and collected in the book The Golden Ship is made of poems that may have already been happily staged or performed on radio or television. This time, they are presented at Mini Teater as our first opening night and the first theatre novelty in the year 2009. The director Vladimir Jurc gathered a team of prominent Slovene artists – such as the musicians Jernej Jurc and Peter Dekleva, the set designer Danijel Demšar, and the costume designer Maja Blagovič.  Great importance within this performance is dedicated to the choreography of Miha Lampič highlighting the playfulness delivered by the poems. The performance is presented by Sandi Pavlin and the young actors: Tjaša Hrovat, Andrej Murenc, and Blaž Setnikar.

In January, you should not miss the journey to the fairyland where true miracles can happen – as appropriate for fairytales: animals sing, toys nag, children cast spells, adults simply obey, and many other, very strange things.

Opening night: Friday, 9th January at 19:00

Reprises: Saturday, 10th January at 17:00 and Sunday, 11th January at 17:00 and 18:00