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Weekend with two Czech puppet performances

This weekend we are happy to invite you to two guest performances from the Czech Republic. Theatre Buchty a loutky from Prague will give two puppet performances at the Festival Mini Summer.

On Saturday, 19th August 2017 at 11.00, they will present their Golden Goose. Oh, that golden goose, so shiny and so precious, lures everyone and glues them. Only the youngest of three brothers, considered silly by everyone, goes on to take it to the princess because he likes her and wants to make her laugh. He would even be willing to marry her. In short, greed doesn’t pay off, sadness is a bad advisor and even the last and mocked can become a king in the end. Don’t miss the happy end.

On Sunday, 20th August 2017 at 20.00, you can see their Don Šajn, which will be very interesting also for adults. The age-old story of Don Juan, played by giant puppets. Love, passion, kingdom of death! If Don Lorenzo refuses me the hand of my beloved Donna Anna, that hour will indeed be ill-fated for me, so …

Join us for a summer weekend with Czech puppet masters!