Ariela is a concert project dedicated to Jewish women composers, the preservation of their music and a reminder of the horrors they experienced. If their fate is not forgotten, their music will not die. It is a musical expression of the timeless themes of discrimination, fear and hope. Many of the composers in this programme were victims of the Holocaust, some survivors who found in music a means of coping with life far from home. Behind each name lies a dramatic fate and a unique body of work that, with minor exceptions, has remained unknown to the wider musical public.

The concert programme includes works by: Helene Liebmann-Riese, Vally Weigl, Josima Feldschuh, Lena Stein-Schneider, Ilse Weber, Sarah Feigin, Emma Kodaly-Schlesinger, Mana - Zucca, Silvia Sommer, Tsippi Fleischer, Meira Warshauer.

The concert is organised in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum Ljubljana.

Sigrid Hagn, Piano
Romane Rauscher, Viola

In cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum Ljubljana