Puss in Boots performed 100 times



The puppet and theatre performance Puss in the Boots has reached its 100th repetition. It will be performed on Saturday, May 27, 2006 at 11:00 in the Mini teater hall on Ljubljana Castle. This popular fairytale about a talking cat and his young master was staged by the prominent Czech director Marek Becka in October 2005.

The performance - played by the excellent rap singer Jose and the actor Gasper Jarni - has achieved great success with young and adult spectators in sold out theatre hall of Mini teater  and on tours all over Slovenia (Slovenske Konjice, Kamnik, Celje, Domžale, Velenje, Nova Gorica, Lendava, Cerkno, Ajdovscina, Idrija, Krško, Predgrad, Slovenj Gradec, na Ptuj, v Kocevje, Kranj, Tolmin, Prebold, Murska Sobota etc.) and in Austria (Sant Johann im Rosental).

In summer it will be be presented in the festival Days of Puppets in Novo mesto, in the international festival Di tutti i colori in Florence, Italy, in the LENT Festival in Maribor, in the Street Festival of Primorska in Koper, in the Festival Zmaj'ma mlade in Postojna and in the festival Lutkovni pristan in Maribor.