The Opening Night of The Wonder Box

The Wonder Box

Text: Maja Končar
Director: Nina Skrbinšek
Puppet manufacturing: Jože Lasič
Set manufacturing: Uroš Mehle
Music: Milan Odobašič
Choreography: Tinkara Končar

Acting: Nina Ivanič and Maja Končar

A theatre-puppet performance for children from 3 years up
Authors of the project: Maja Končar and Nina Ivanič, Ljubljana, 2006

Opening night: October, 5, 2006, at 7pm

How to win the fear from going to the dentist? It so simple! With the help of the two cute dental mice and their Wonder Box every problem is quickly solved. This is a beautiful fairytale, filled with music and dancing. It teaches the children not to fesr the dentist by presenting him as their best friend who is always ready to help.