Rudolf Kresal

Jana Osojnik

Directing, editing, set and lighting design:
Klemen Markovčič

Aljaž Jovanović, Nika Rozman

ŠKUC gledališče

Mini teater

Duration 25 min

About the performance

The Princ is searching for a long time for his Princess but without luck. And his father The King is anxious to pass on his crown. In a stormy night a soaked maiden knocks on the castle doors, claims to be a princess and asks for a shelter. A clever Queen, Prince’s mother puts a pea grain under all the mattresses and pillows on which the girl is supposed to sleep. That should prove if the princess is who she claims to be. After a tough night that doesn’t bring sleep to the girl it proves that she is the real Princess. And so the Prince finally finds the right bride.