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Irena Duša

Brina Klampfer

Nina Kuclar Stiković

Maruša Mali

Claudi Sovré Mikelj

Metka Damjan

Tamara Avguštin
Borut Doljšak
Vid Klemenc
Timotej Novaković
Primož Vrhovec

Light designers:
Nina Kuclar Stiković
Matej Primec

Light design consultant:
Nastja Miheljak

Claudi Sovré Mikelj

Mini teater
Kulturno umetniško društvo Krik
Javni sklad Republike Slovenije za kulturne dejavnosti

18th February 2022

18. feb
Križevniška 1
20. feb
Križevniška 1
24. feb
Križevniška 1

About the performance

Shopping and Fucking, Mark Ravenhill's 1996 British realistic drama, shocked the British theater scene by debuting taboos such as sexuality, homosexuality, prostitution and the use of vulgar language during its early performances. Later the drama co-created the then new wave of stage poetics, "In-yer-face theatre" and attracted a completely new audience to the auditorium. Today, the text remains alive and distinctly relevant in his critique of capitalism and the struggle for survival of the younger generations.

In the drama, we follow the protagonist Mark, who leaves his friends and roommates, Lulu and Robbie, because he goes to a drug rehab clinic. In addition to the emotional shock, the latter find themselves in a situation where they have to provide for themselves financially, and this is where their battle in the labour market, the battle for survival, the battle for money begins. Unprepared, they find themselves in Brian's grip, the only one who has already conquered the reins of capitalism and the dogma of the world in which they found themselves: "Money is civilization and civilization is money." They found themselves in a world without big stories, without values, a world of fast food, fast sex and wage labour. This is a world in which, after more than twenty years since the creation of Ravenhill's drama, we have also found ourselves. A world in which we also do business with the devil to survive and forget about compassion, love, morality. Perhaps it is even worse today, as sometimes these deals are not made in the name of the struggle for survival, but in the name of greed. To date, young people have also conquered capitalistic leverages. So the young man can assimilate into the apathetic world or chooses escapism, while the open question remains, which choice is the lesser evil? To oneself, to one's fellow man, to society?

About the author

Along with Sarah Kane and Anthony Neilson, Mark Ravenhill (1966) is considered one of the leading representatives of Britain's new drama "In-yer-face theatre" in the 1990s. Ravenhill studied English and drama in Bristol. His first play, the ten-minute dramatic text Fist, was staged in the Finborough Theater program, as part of a fundraiser for the Red Admiral, a project to help AIDS sufferers and their relatives. Director Max-Stafford Clark, who watched the production, invited him to participate in the feature drama. This is how Shopping and Fucking came into being Ravenhill's first full-length dramatic text, staged in 1996. The author says that two events were crucial for its creation and the course of the story. The first is the abduction and murder of a three-year-old boy in 1993 in the UK, and the second is the death of Ravenhill’s partner, who died of AIDS. Ravenhill also often debates homosexuality in his other texts, and in his early works there is often a motif when the youngest dramatic person is taken away by older characters and consequently loses his life.

Nina Kuclar Stiković

About the director

Brina Klampfer is completing master's degree in theater directing and holds a master's degree in comparative literature. For her master's play, she directed and wrote the text Paloma, which premiered in June 2020 at the Slovenian Youth Theater. The play received many positive reviews, and was included in the additional program of the Week of Slovenian Drama. She is the leader of the Festival of Dramatic Writing Vzkrik and the president of the KUD Krik association. Brina has also performed a number of dramaturgies and theatrical adaptations - in the plays Prekleti kadilci (Makarovič, SNG Drama, 2018), Tartuffe (Moliere, Ljubljana City Theater, 2018), Gospa z morja/ The Lady from the Sea (Ibsen, SNG Drama, 2019), Martin Krpan (Levstik , LGL, 2018) Words from the house Karlstein / Besede iz hiše Karlstein(Bojetu, LG Maribor) and others. She also works as a producer in the theater space - from the platform Vzkrik, which she generated, many young playwrights emerged, who received the highest awards for drama and many dramatic texts created within the framework of Vzkrik were staged in institutional theaters.