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Text and dramaturgy:
Dóra Gimesi

Garbriella Gaál

Ágnes Kuthy

Saša Pavlin Stošić, Tadej Pišek, Robert Korošec

Art design:
Ákos Mátravölgyi

Csaba Teszárek

András Fosztó

Language consultant:
Maja Cerar

Assistant director:
Brina Klampfer

Translator on the rehearsals:
Nastja Majerič

Head technician:
Tilen Vipotnik

Technical crew:
Matej Primec, Ivan Waltl, Anže Kreč

Robert Waltl

Opening performance:
8 th of March 2014

Puppet performance for children over the age of 3

Duration 50 min

About the performance

Angels in Heaven are good. They play the most beautiful songs, make perfect cloud-shaped clouds,look after the stars on the sky and people on Earth. Angels are the picture of perfection, fairness and wisdom. Or at least they're supposed to be...

This is story about a little angel, Theo. He is neither nice nor wise, he can't play the trump, finds the perfect clouds boring and he is not able to look after anything or anybody. Actually, he's not very good at being good.  One day Theo by accident looses a star, and he has to go down to Earth to find it in a big and noisy city until nightfall. And that's how his adventures begin …

In the beginning Theo tries very hard to become a perfect angel, but he fails all of his »heavenly exams«. He has to go down to Earth to find not just the lost star but even himself. He meets a little girl and helps her to get over her fears. He rescues a man and teaches him how to fly. And finally, he makes friends with Jon, a boy, who has never had a friend, and decides to give him the fallen star.

Theo's creativity, wildness and bravery, all the things, that seemed to be disadvantages in heaven, turn out to be useful on Earth. Theo can't play the trump, create a perfect cloud or look after the stars, but he can make anyone laugh and help people unselfishly. And he's really, damn good at that. Everybody has his own path, but sometimes it's hard to find it among the expectations of others. The tale of Theo, the mischevious angel, thus teaches us not to be afraid of being different and finding our own way.

Festivals and tours abroad

International Festival of Children's theatre Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina); September 2014