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Ivica Buljan

Puppets and stage designer:
Mark Požlep

Nika Korenjak

Music and performance:
Žigan Korenčan

Actor and animatior:
Robert Waltl


About the performance

The Sleeping Beauty is a classic fairy tale about a prince and a princess, an how good always defeats evil. The tale was first published by Charles Perrault under the title “La Belle au bois dormant”. The Brothers Grimm published their version of the fairy tale under the title “Dornröschen”.

The Sleeping Beauty is a fairy tale about a girl who stabs herself on a spindle and is struck by the curse of an old and evil fairy. She fell asleep for a hundred years and could only be saved by a brave prince. Although the story of the evil stepmother sounds cruel, fairy tales will always be popular in the daily lives of our youngest ones. These stories explores imagination and influence thinking, and teach people good and evil intentions.

In our play, which is conceived as a monoplay for one actor, we will encounter an interesting visual approach that will include more than a hundred-year-old puppets and place them in a completely modern composition.