Directing and adaptation:
Marek Becka

Jose and Gasper Jarni / Tomislav Tomšič

Puppet and set design:
Robert Smolik

Vit Brukner, Jose

Language consultant:
Mateja Dermelj

Light and sound shaping:
Tilen Vipotnik

October 2005

Duration 40 min

Puppet performance for children from 3 y/o

Recommended for kindergarten and juniors in primary schools

The well-known fairy tale by the French writer Charles Perrault, popular throughout the world, inspiring the young and the old.

Marek Becka, one of the most interesting graduates of the famous DAMU in Prague, and now also a professor in this prominent European theatre academy, decided to prepare the famous story about the CAT IN THE BOOTS in his own, original and specific way - on the stage of Mini teater.

Marek Becka was born in Pilsen in 1964. During his rich theatrical career he has worked as an actor in the theatre DRAK from Hradec karlowe, and later, as a free-lance author, prepared a number of street and puppet performances for the youngest audiences. In 1991, he founded the theatre Bouchty a Loutky (=doughnuts and puppets), where over the course of 13 years, he has created more than 25 performances, some of which are well known to the Slovenian audience from international festivals like LUTKE, Mini Summer, Lutkovni Pristan, or Primorski poletni festival.
Marek Becka also collaborates with other theatres in the Check Republic and has lead a number of workshops with professional and off-theatre puppeteers from the Chech Republic to Hong Kong. His directing for Mini teater will be his first in Slovenia.

The PUSS IN BOOTS project is being created for our youngest spectators; it belongs to the line of our projects working on the basis of a famous literary groundwork and creating research puppet performances - as was the case with Happy Prince by Oscar wilde and Luis Zornoza Boy. Definitely an interesting and intriguing project, Puss in boots is bringing innovation and a great deal of specific puppeters' humour into our theatre; a humour so typical for Marek Becka.

About the performance

Once upon a time, there were three brothers who shared the inheritance after their father's death. The first brother was smart but not very good in character - he took over the family mill. The second was greedy and took all the money. And as for the youngest one, there was nothing left except for the poor cat. The young man was very sad and depressed, when suddenly he heard the Puss speak. What a surprise! The young man had to promise he would act exactly as the Puss says and their way to happines would lie wide open, stated the cat. Immediately, the Puss set out to endera himself to the King and his pretty daughter, offering them presents and compliments - all suppposedly sent from His Highness Count of Strrrawledge - the name he had made the young man adopt. One day, as the young man ws taking a bath in a pond, the Puss hides his clothes and starts shouting they were stolen. Driving around in their carriage, the King and his daughter hear these cries. Seeing his misfortune, the King gives the young man new clothes and invites him into the carriage, where the princess and the young man fall in love with each other immediately. Meanwhile, the Puss hurries across the fields and meadows asking the farmers to say if asked, that all the land belonged to the Count of Strrrawledge. But not everything goes smoothly. The owner of the all this land and the castle built upon it is a giant, who is a sorcerer. The Puss asks him to show him his magic power by changing first into a lion and then a mouse, which the giant indeed perfroms. Having tricked the giant into making himself vunerable, the Puss catcehs and eats the mouse in a second! When the King arrives to the castle, he is so awed by the splendor, he offers his pretty daughter to the young man in marriage. Ding, ding! Happy end.