Eka Vogelnik

Brina Saje Vogelnik and Emir Jušič Piber

Set and puppet design:
Eka Vogelnik

Luka Ropret and Jaka Hawlina

Technical assistant:
Nace Hočevar

Mini teater and Kinetikon, Ljubljana

5th November 2003

Duration 40 min

Puppet performance for children from 3 years up

About the performance

The Mouse was climbing over a fence and it tore its belly. So she goes to a Cobbler asking him to mend her up. The Cobbler needs some leather thread, so she goes to the Cow who wants some grass. The Mouse takes the Scythe to cut the grass, she feeds the Cow, she gets the thread and goes back to the Cobbler - who now needs some grease. The Mouse goes to the Pig to get the grease, yet the Pig wants some corn in return. She goes to get the corn but the plant needs to be watered. The Mouse fetches some water and waters the Corn, she takes some corn to the Pig, who gives her the grease and ... the Cobbler mends her belly.

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